This Sunday at Mountain View: August 15, 2021

We have a rather big announcement to make: We are ending our Facebook live-stream as of this Sunday!

Rather than use Facebook, we are moving to Zoom. If you wish to follow the message on Zoom, you will need to log in with a password. This Sunday’s password is MVCC. The full link to the meeting is here. Just click the link and enter the password.

Important: We are testing Zoom on this Sunday, but in future Sunday’s you will have to request the password. It will not be made public.

Our video recordings and audio recordings will all be password protected as well. We apologise for the the inconvenience, but it is necessary given the attacks on the church by civil governments and by individuals.

We will not ask you about your vaccination status at Mountain View. You are welcome here whether or not you are vaccinated.

As with church closures and other anti-worship mandates, it is not within the sphere of civil government to demand that church segregate or ban anyone based upon vaccination status.

Here is some more information for our visitors:

Welcome! If you are a first-time visitor, here is some information you can use:

Parking: we have a parking lot at the back of the building. The driveway is on the right as you approach. Please use the wheelchair ramp to enter. The front door is kept locked at this time.

Mask Policy: The City of Hamilton correctly recognizes that some cannot wear masks for medical or other reasons. It is not appropriate to demand proof of this exemption or to ask what that exemption is.

Therefore, if you or anyone in your family does not wear a mask, we will assume that you have an exemption, no questions asked.

We will respect your decision.