“The Fourth Man Can Always Find His People”

“Christ did not keep them out of the furnace but found them in it. He does not always shield you from all distresses and dangers, but it is in the loneliness, in the betrayal, in the loss that the Fourth Man comes and walks with you. He has the knack of both exposing you to, yet keeping you through, waters and rivers and fire (cf. Isa. 43:2–3)—and operating rooms and funeral parlours and an empty house. The Fourth Man can always find his people.”

Dale Ralph Davis, The Message of Daniel: His Kingdom Cannot Fail, ed. Alec Motyer and Derek Tidball, The Bible Speaks Today (Nottingham, England: Inter-Varsity Press, 2013), 58.

Thriving in Babylon

This Sunday we start a new series on the book of Daniel, “Thriving in Babylon.” I understand there’s a book out by that name (I haven’t read it and won’t likely be referring to it). Daniel offers an important challenge to believers who live in a hostile world.

We hope to have the sermon audio available to download as the series progresses.

This Sunday: Daniel 1, Thriving by Holiness