God Seeks Us Before We Seek Him

Worship will be streamed this Sunday (29th March 2020) at 11 am EDT on our Facebook site. If you want reminders, be sure to click “like” on the page so you’ll see us when we go live.

This Sunday we will have special music recorded by our worship leader, Laura Irvine.   If you can’t be with us at 11, the message is recorded and will be available later in audio or on Facebook as a video.

Special Announcement for 22 March 2020

Regular services will not be held on Sunday, March 22nd, at the Mountain View Christian Church.

As a temporary measure, We will Livestream the sermon and Communion Service. A suggested Spotify playlist will also be uploaded here later tonight.

Please bookmark this page and check back for other announcements!

The Last Ticket!

We bought a block of tickets at the early group discount price and have one unsold ticket! If you are interested, please contact us directly. Do not try to contact the Ezra Institute or Eventbrite. Ticket price is $75. Contact us at our email address: info@mountainviewchristian.ca